About Bill

Hello! My name is Bill Keith. I have been enjoying the outdoors, hunting and fishing, for as long as I can remember. I first went turkey hunting in the Big Cypress area of Florida over 25 years ago and was immediately hooked! Since then, I have not missed a spring turkey season.

In addition to turkey hunting, another passion I have is woodworking. Several years ago, I thought I would combine the two and take a swing at making a pot call. After a few attempts and a lot of scrap, a pretty decent call resulted. I decided I would make a few more for my buddies. They were even more impressed than I was! And they even killed a few birds with them!

Later, I took 15 calls to work with me and sold them all within two days! I made a few more and sold one to a friend who was a truck driver. For the next several days, many more truck drivers came in to my work and asked if I was the guy with the turkey calls. Because I couldn't sell the calls while I was on the clock, I sent the drivers to my truck and instructed them to pick out what they liked and leave the money on the seat. I sold all the turkey calls I had and never lost a penny! The honor system works!

Over the years, I have perfected the construction of my custom turkey calls. I now use many different types of wood such as Oak, Cedar, Walnut, Kentucky Coffee, Poplar, Ambrosia Maple, Persimmon and other imported woods. I also use aluminum, crystal and glass surfaces to create a custom turkey call that is unique and affordable.